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406Microsoft Lync mobile clients for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone ready to roll | ZDNet23-10-2016 11:53
843http://blog.twitter.com/2010/12/stocking-stuffer.html23-10-2016 11:42
687Chinese Business Names23-10-2016 10:49
1040http://www.alexa.com/help/traffic-learn-more23-10-2016 09:56
822http://maps.google.nl/?ie=UTF8&ll=22.34956,114.059458&spn=0.01675,0.037851&t=k&z=1523-10-2016 09:12
2244http://twitter.com/#!/shitmydadsays23-10-2016 08:50
740Sheena Iyengar on the art of choosing | Video on TED.com23-10-2016 08:16
186Tweakers23-10-2016 07:28
377The Thin Line Between Liking a Brand and Liking Its Social Marketing - eMarketer23-10-2016 06:57
191Sony stopt productie Walkman met cassettebandjes | Electronics | Tweakers.net Nieuws23-10-2016 06:44

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2244http://twitter.com/#!/shitmydadsays23-10-2016 08:50
1791Top 10 Civilization V mods | PC Gamer22-10-2016 11:23
1580Multitaskers perform lousy when multitasking » bigCircle – the Circle cannot be big enough19-10-2016 16:41
1484Indiase textielarbeidsters uitgebuit voor C&A en H&M - Economie - de Volkskrant22-10-2016 17:50
1479Mobiel bellen tot 60 procent duurder - Economie - de Volkskrant22-10-2016 00:30
1431You Don't Need a Social Media Strategy15-10-2016 22:48
1394http://tweakers.net/nieuws/70653/lhc-begint-met-botsing-lood-ionen.html16-10-2016 09:25
1375http://blog.bigcircle.nl/2010/12/2010-the-year-of-a-video-a-day/22-10-2016 02:12
1304http://www.trirhena-consulting.de/images/Inhalt/quarterly_4_2010.pdf17-10-2016 17:23
1255Would you buy her apples? » bigCircle – the Circle cannot be big enough15-10-2016 08:03

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